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Looking to do an internship or work abroad?

Planet Expat accelerates your career development by providing you with work opportunities in challenging international environments.
Through our excellence program, we accompany and support your recruitment process as well as refer your application to hiring companies we have personally assessed and selected.
Our goal is to make sure your job search is focused, efficient and above all successful, whilst encouraging you to learn and grow, both as an individual and a professional.


Do you want to take your career to the next level?

Through a very human-centered approach, our Planet Expat HR experts will provide you with customized career coaching and the necessary tools to guide you through your next professional endeavors.

We’ll help you identify and maximize your strengths to create a personalized and eye-catching application and develop your unique, personal brand.
Our mission is to understand you, both as an individual and a professional, enabling us to exponentially raise your chances of reaching your professional goals.


Fulfill your career potential with our HR experts' advice

What customers say about us

Mimi Dao


Joined a leading global consulting firm in Santiago de Chile

"Planet Expat exceeded my expectations. Besides helping me to redesign my CV, they took the extra mile to quickly find the best position and company for me."

Damien Goubin


Joined a technology startup in London

“Planet Expat did a great job using their knowledge and extensive network within the startup world to secure me a sales position within a fast-growing startup. Exactly what I was aiming for!"

Yassin Asfour


Joined a world-class startup acceleration program in Santiago de Chile

"Are you someone who enjoys challenges, seizes opportunities and above all is motivated by success? You will rarely come across a service that makes no mistakes, this is one.”

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